Buhari’s Associate, Nasir Danu, Arrested In UK Over Money Laundering, Fake Malta Passport


Nasir Danu, the Director of Logistics for the Buhari Campaign Organisation has been arrested in the United Kingdom for money laundering and for being in possession of a fake passport.

Infobyte reports that Nasir Danu a Northern Nigerian upon arrival at the Heathrow Airport, queued up on the line with passengers holding EU passports, was then called by the immigration personnel and his passport ran on the scanning machine, the passport could not be scanned as the security features on the passport returned invalid.

“The genuine document has been unlawfully altered in some ways. They substituted some pages, substituted a photograph and altered the personal details, replacing them with Danu’s biodata”, the source said.

According to the source, Nasir Danu was pulled over in a room at the airport while his carry-on bag was searched and a cash amount of over £200,000.00 found inside his bag.

Upon cross-examination, according to the source, Danu told investigators that he paid $30,000.00 to an agent who helped him procure the Malta International Passport.

He also told investigators that he was carrying the cash to deliver to someone in UK. The name of the would-be recipient was not revealed by UK immigration officials

The huge cash was calculated to worth over 90million Naira at the current exchange rate.

Danu also enjoys close ties with the First Lady, Aisha Buhari. He is the link man between the President’s wife and many oil contractors who seek favor from the first lady.

Danu donated the N56million Power-bike Yusuf Buhari, son of Nigeria’s President, had an accident with. He has been awarded billions in contracts from Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, the NNPC and Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMAS, through shady deals.

The unanswered question remains why Danu preferred using a Malta international passport as against his Nigerian passport.

He, however, told investigators at the airport that he was coming from Nigeria aboard a British Airways flight from Abuja.

He was deported back, cash seized and allegedly banned from entering the United Kingdom.

The tiny nation of Malta recently came under fire when it announced plans to allow wealthy foreigners to obtain a passport for a 650,000 euro investment with no residency requirement, which would have made it the cheapest European Union (EU) nation in which to purchase citizenship, according to a report by the BBC.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat estimated about 45 people would apply in the first year, resulting in 30m euros (£24m; $41m) in revenues.

After pressure from EU officials, officials changed the rule to require potential passport holders to reside in Malta for a year and raised the investment to 1.15m euros.

By taking up Malta citizenship either by naturalization or through investment, you get the freedom of travel to 182 countries, so no more visa hassles.

Meanwhile, Danu is the owner of Casiva Limited, an oil company which was recently awarded the 2019/2020 contracts for the exchange of crude oil for imported petroleum products by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

Danu was the Director of Logistics for the Buhari Campaign Organisation.

He is also the Chairman of HLSI Systems & Technology LTD, Nigeria, an alleged Israeli company, HLSI Security Systems and Technologies Limited that got a contract for the sum of $195million (N70billion) for the rental of security boats known as Fast Security Intervention Vessel, FSIV.