Residents react to confirmed case of Covid-19 in Rivers


Florence Uwaeme

Following the news that one case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in Rivers state, residents of the state have taken to their various social media handle to vent their frustrations.

Some people were disappointed that even after all the measures taken by the state government to ensure the virus does not come in, it found its way in.

Some others blamed the carriers of the virus for not staying at a place even when they know they were in close contact with a confirmed carrier.

“You don’t announce you are going to lock down your state in the next 24 hours and you think people won’t troop in within the next 12 hours. That was exactly the same mistakes the federal government made, the moment they announced when they were stopping international travel, we had a mass exodus of individuals running back to the country because they don’t want to be stuck outside their country. I think that is exactly what happened in the case of Rivers State index case. I hope other states without an index case learn from it. Don’t announce it, just go ahead and effect the restriction. Tough times require tough measures and tough decisions.”

“Please let it drive straight to government house as it did at Aso Rock.”

“They would have let us know when the person developed symptoms and when his or her sample is undergoing testing but this one no pre-information of a suspected case, next thing is that one case is recorded in Rivers state….it is right time you people should start showing us the hospitals or isolation centres where those people are receiving treatment….is not only Atiku’s son, Abba Kyari, Bauchi governor that we will know their identity….others even if we will not know their identity we should be seeing them through the news on national TV.. not just one case for rivers, one case for Ekiti and so on.”

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“So it has finally arrived in Rivers State, It should have remained at Aso Rock to teach our politicians the lessons of their lives. God will not allow it to survive here, we are all covered with the precious Blood of Jesus.”

“I blame Wike for not closing all entry one week ago. The same thing in Akwa Ibom here where children are still going to schools. Our leaders are so myopic and clueless and don’t have our interest at heart. What a pity!”

” Nigeria is a careless country to be sincere…All boarders have been closed but 3 returning travellers who have the virus passed through. Nonsense !!!”

“How? Why are people still returning, is it that all the Nigerians that went abroad contacted this virus? How did this person enter Rivers state.”

“So is there still a need for the total lockdown? What we were trying to prevent is already here! This is a piece of unfortunate news….RIVERS PEOPLE WAKE UP, AND STOP FLOUTING RULES AND MEASURES PUT IN PLACE, OR WOULD WE STILL REMAIN IN DOUBT?”