Your Apologies Inconsequential: Subscribers Blast MTN Over Poor Network

Florence Uwaeme

If you are an MTN subscriber, you must have noticed the sluggishness that has become the speedy 4G network. Initially, I personally thought it was from the area but I was convinced otherwise when people around me made the same observation.

MTN took to their social media handle to render their apologies to its esteemed customers. Trust Nigerians to refuse the apology and threaten hell and brimstone if nothing is done fast to resolve the issue.

MTN wrote “Yello. We apologize if you have been experiencing slow data speeds or finding it difficult to access the internet at the moment. Our technical teams are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please bear with us.”

Are you an MTN subscriber? Did you take notice of the delay in speed? Has the speed been restored yet? As I write, I still can’t access some things online.

Here are some of the reactions of Nigerians from Facebook and Twitter.

“You guys are a complete embarrassment. Sending this message after over 10hours since the problem started. You take us for a joke in this part of the world and we know you dare not try this elsewhere. No be una fault.”

“This is horrible! My whole office operations have been grounded until now. Lots of work stalling and productivity sacrificed on the altar of MTN. I am still trying to work. Come to think of it, we ditched other subscribers and use FOUR Hynetflex Routers connecting tens of devices.”

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“I restarted my phone almost 5 times yesterday. Was wondering too. 4G network couldn’t browse.”

“So do we get 1GB for the disruption? Or you are just going to apologize and move on? We have lost so much since yesterday. Fix it!”

“Apologies can only be accepted if you compensate your customers with data bonus cos even with the bad network you guys still lick our data like ice-cream.”

“Look men this is 2020 ooh you guys should be up and doing. I think it’s high time we customers should form a formidable union to sue you guys anytime you play with our right. You people have taken us for granted for so long…REPENT!”

“Dear MTN, I will sue you for #200billion if I am not adequately compensated for the inconveniences, mental disorder and damages. I thought the problem is even from my phone and I smashed it because I felt bad due to d network challenges.
You have never given me free data, I use my hard-earned money to do sub but I didn’t enjoy it.
We are experiencing difficulty to browse but yet our data is being consumed. Do something.”

“We shall soon slam you with class-action lawsuits. This is very embarrassing. Totally nonsensical. We purchased data with our hard-earned money and we can’t even use it in peace. You have garnered a good reputation in the telecom market than this abysmally appalling data service we have been experiencing since last week. For this bad service, consider giving all your subscribers free data, starting from as soon as you fix your undersea cables. At least 2G for your data subscribers. Enough is enough!”

“You guys should learn to be sincerely sorry by compensating your customers with free data, your grammar doesn’t amount to anything. It doesn’t ease the inconvenience caused.”

“MTN, you people are apologizing, it’s not accepted, we don’t make calls without recharging, the network is bad while making calls but MTN is still eating our credits like okra soup and fufu. Please you people should compensate us.”