United Labour Congress to stage protest over deplorable state of roads in Oyigbo

The Chairman of the United Labour Congress, Charles Aleto has decried the poor state of the roads in the Oyigbo part of Rivers State, saying it has totally cut off the people of the area from the rest of Rivers State.

“The residents in Iriebe and Oyigbo are seriously ganging up to make sure they block the expressway that has access to Aba, in protest of the bad road where the residents in Iriebe and Oyigbo cannot have access to Port Harcourt or Aba.

“And they are also angry, are we not part of Rivers State. Why should we be suffering like this?

“So they are very very angry and the Rivers State Government should come to our aid with the Federal Government, to see how we can address this very situation.

“And the most dangerous thing is that we are at security risks”