The new Samsung Galaxy S10 could have these features

Samsung is rumoured to reveal its Galaxy S10 flagship phone early next year and now it looks like it could come with a brand new feature.

The much-rumoured Samsung ultrasonic fingerprint reader that works under the screen of a phone has now appeared on the official U.S. Patent Office.

Under-screen fingerprint reading isn’t new, but current devices use optical scanning which may not be as accurate or as fast as ultrasonic scanning.

The leak source says: “Samsung believes the current methodologies for fingerprint biometrics is open to error and their patent focuses on the use of biometrics via ultrasonic technology.”

This new security scanning method may not only offer ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint reading but also optical tech in conjunction.

The patent describes the use of an optical sensor under the screen to take a snapshot of the user’s fingerprint.

Another source claims this will work with the ultrasonic scanner which can also be used “at the side” of the device.

This could mean a scanner which, potentially, scans more than one finger at once for dual layered security.

This could be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Face ID in the iPhone 9.