Port-Harcourt soot in pictures

Have You Ever Witnessed the menace of Port Harcourt Soot?
The port-harcourt soot is really going out of control and the people are no longer taking it lightly.

See reactions of Port-Harcourt residents who screamed and showcased some pictures of the black soot and what they have been going through is heartbreaking.

The dire consequences of this issue can never be overemphasized and the government has to do something about it immediately. Who do you blame for this mess?

See some reactions about the Port-Harcourt Soot.

Mandate Ọsai Port-harcourt City is the Treasure base of Nigeria and the Garden City. But Refineries (both legal & illegal) & security agencies destroying the illegal refineries indiscriminately are turning the city into a Soot City.

Engr Ugo Ndukwe “Breathing clean and fresh air is a right, demand for this right”

Mr Johnson “We have no other place to live our lives apart from this our garden City. Please we need your help Gov Wike. Help us StopTheSoot so we will not die here one day

Ebere Amadi “I always looked forward to the rainy season. I loved playing in the rain.. now I dread it.. Look at the colour of the water. We need help.