Rivers APC hails Appeal Court’s decision on revalidation exercise

The Rivers State Chapter of the APC has hailed the decision of the Court of Appeal to remove impediments placed on the way of the party’s revalidation exercise by persons loyal to Senator Magnus Abe.

The party in a statement by its Spokesman, Ogbonna Nwuke, said that the move by the Appellate Court to throw out the restraining order has finally paved the way for members of the party in Rivers State to participate in the exercise.

“Today’s decision by the Court of Appeal has laid to rest, the frivolous quest by Igo Aguma and his associates to prevent law-abiding members of the party from taking part in a legitimate process ordered by the National Secretariat of the APC.

“For us, this is a strong moral victory for the APC. Consequent to this ruling, members of the party in the State are free as of today to go about the business of revalidating their membership.

“We thank the Court of Appeal for doing the needful. We are satisfied that at last justice has been done. The Court threw out some applications made by the APC as Hon. Emma Deeyah has claimed. We are however amazed that Deeyah did not have the courage to tell the entire truth of what transpired in Court.

“Let nobody be in any doubt that the major issue before the Court and the Rivers people was whether the APC indeed has a right, given the plethora of cases filed by Abe team, to engage in the revalidation of its membership.

“Given the wordings of the ruling, made today in Port Harcourt, Rivers APC members have a right to revalidate their membership without let or hindrance.

“Similarly, we understand why Hon. Emma Deeyah on behalf of the Abe group put a spin on the decision of the Court of Appeal. They lost and lost very badly where it mattered most. It appears that what is now left in order to have any clout with those they have been deceiving all along is to lie a little more.

“This victory belongs to our members who have remained resolute. Their patience and trust in leadership is yielding dividends. We salute you and urge you to remain calm. Evil will never prevail over good.

­“The journey is not over yet. We have a few more issues before the Supreme Court. On March 5th, by the grace of God Almighty, we shall prevail.

“We urge the people to ignore the rantings of the Abe group. Their attempt to confuse the people of this great State with lies will most certainly fall flat on its face.

“A time comes when the truth cannot be denied. The truth is that the Court of Appeal has removed the stumbling bloc placed on APC’s path by a splinter group. The road to freedom and stunning victories to come is now open.

“We want to thank our leaders for their doggedness. Our faith in their ability to guide us throw this very trying period remains unshaken.