Why Port Harcourt Residents should Embrace Trekking

Florence Uwaeme

Since the commencement of the construction of the several flyovers by the Nyesom Wike’s led administration around major roads in the state capital, residents of Port Harcourt have been made to inculcate a vital but neglected part of healthy living in their daily routine. Well, trekking/walking is a very healthy lifestyle. Experts recommend trekking to people who intend living healthy intentionally.

A trip from Rumuola to Oil Mill that took about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how free the road now takes about 1 hour or more. All vehicles now take the old Aba road. The gridlock on that road is better imagined.

Although the construction of these flyovers will not only make movement easier for Port Harcourt residents, it will also improve the living condition of residents of the Garden City.

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Mind you, this trekking is not only caused by the construction works on-going in different parts of the city. More than 40% is caused by taxi drivers not trying to beat task force officials at their own game. Instead of these drivers dropping off passengers at designated areas assigned to them, they would rather drop them ten poles away from the supposed dropping point. This has caused a whole lot of suffering to road users.

Some residents of the Garden City have taken to social media; Twitter particularly to lament their trekking ordeal. Not that some of these people are unhappy with the development of their city, far from it. They are only concerned individuals who are tired of trekking on a daily while going about their personal businesses. What some of these people have forgotten is that the health benefits of trekking can not be overemphasized.

A concerned Port Harcourt resident has admonished other residents to stop lamenting but should instead wear a positive approach towards the new development and utilize it in enhancing their health. He went ahead to list the mental, social, psychological and overall benefits of trekking. Here are some of the positive benefits of trekking.

• Trekking helps Invigorate the heart & lungs

• It Improves fitness & weight loss

• You’d become happier ‘cos of the Mental health benefits

• You’d have a longer life

• Your mood will be revamped & it helps you avoid depression

• Your bones will become strong & agile

• It helps you stay away from technology

• Helps you make new friends