Muslims want to wipe out Christians – Port Harcourt Archbishop cries out


By Brave Dickson

The Archbishop of Port Harcourt Methodist Church, Nigeria, Most Rev Sunday Agwu has spoken his mind on how Muslims in the country intend to wipe out the Christian population.

The cleric also viewed the Buhari led-administration as anti Christians, pointing that federal appointments under the current government has been 30 to two in favour of Muslims.

He said: “I will like to talk of Islamic religion in general. I have served in the North as a minister of the gospel. I have been in the North for five years.

“I know that the Muslims have hidden agenda. No matter what they pretend to do or say. Their intention is to wipe out Christianity completely.

“See what they have been doing to Christians in the North. And Christians don’t have freedom in this country. I am yet to be convinced that they mean well for Christians.

“They say we are one Nigeria but we are not one Nigeria. They believe that this country is for Muslims.

“Look at the appointments made by President Muhammadu Buhari. If he appoints 30 persons, only two will be Christians.

“But God is there. And He will never allow them to succeed. Not that we have any gun or physical weapon as Christians, but I know that they can never fight God and succeed. That is my conviction.”