Opinion: The Sharia CJN

By Baron Roy

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the erstwhile Chief Judge of Nigeria; Mr. Walter Onnoghen, was illegally and irresponsibly removed from office through the machinations of a rabid fascist regime, a strange Chief Justice was foisted on Nigeria with the active connivance of a national assembly that was supposed to ensure such irresponsible actions by the Executive never took place!

But all sorts of things did take place…and the complete subjugation of the judiciary was achieved! The NJC and the NBA conveniently looked the other way! Of course, all these were aided by a most obnoxious Constitution!

The already battered judicial world of Nigeria simply went belly-up. Nigerians saw it for what it was: Fascism was no longer a pretence but a policy! Okay, we capitulated…

Most recently, the so-called Chief Judge announced that “Sharia should be taught in all schools and the Constitution should be amended to further propagate Sharia”. He did say that “they (read the Islamic North and Muslims) do have the numbers to force the amendment of the 1999 Constitution to be overwhelmingly Islamic”. The rest of the non-Muslim Nigerians and Southerners went berserk; non Muslims are infuriated!

Well, some of us are not…we believe in the rights of an individual to express and pursue how he/she would be governed! This right has been denied most constituent nations, but those that want to be governed by Sharia seem to be having their wishes…and their rights do infringe on ours!

The CJN, for all intents and purposes, has shown that he’s not neutral and he belongs to a constituency; The Muslim Constituency! He had obviously broken the first Law of Justice:

Thou shall be neutral!

This CJN; albeit illegal, is not neutral! Obviously, he’s unfit to be the Chief Justice of a multinational, multi-ethnic and multi-religious country like Nigeria! From his utterances, the Muslim is already favoured in the court of Law against the Christian and the African Traditional worshippers!


Dear Nigerians please have this CJN, Mr. Ibrahim Tanko, resign or removed. Do whatever you want but this Islamist is not fit to be a Chief Judge of any country except an Islamic Country!