Ruling class taking Nigerians for a ride – Green

By Brave Dickson

A non-governmental organization in Rivers State has advised the nation’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to shun being used for political witch-hunts, adding that the country can only be corrupt-free if EFCC and other anti-graft agencies discharge their duties equitably.

While stressing the need for good governance, Programme Assistant of Social Action, Mr Green Isaac told our correspondent that the decadence in the Nigerian governance system is because the political class does not have the interest of its citizens at heart.

The civil activist also enjoined all citizens of the country to rise up to the occasion and be bold in holding their leaders accountable, saying that the ruling class is only taking Nigerians for a ride.

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“Our governance system has been deteriorated to a state where our leaders no longer care. And maybe because politicians have taken the citizens for a ride for too long.

“Citizens must stand up and hold their leaders accountable. On our own part, we have been carrying out a lot of advocacies against bad governance. All our leaders from the local, state to the national government should be held accountable. That is the only way we can have good governance for our citizens.

“I have always been advising anti-graft agencies not to use their offices to witch-hunt political opponents but should rather use their offices to serve the people of Nigeria. Once they adhere to this advice, I am sure we will have a corrupt-free society.

“Citizens should begin to ask questions and rise to the occasion. This will help make public office holders start doing the right thing. I also urge our politicians to start representing their people and not to go there for their own personal mandate.

“The crop of politicians we have been having especially since 1999 in the Nigerian polity only embrace their constituents during their journey to power and turn their backs on those who voted them into office, the moment they clinch power.”