Introducing sharia in Zamfara eliminated brothels, I don’t regret it

Former governor of Zamfara State, Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima has said that he has no regrets for introducing sharia in Zamfara.

Yerima who was the first northern governor to introduce sharia legal system said sharia law introduction has done a lot of good to the state and several other states that followed suit.

According to him, introducing sharia into the state created a reorientation and reshaped the state.

Yerima added that today, there was nowhere in the state where brothels can be found.

TheNation reports the former governor who sparked uproar for marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian saying it was unfortunate that several people misunderstood the concept of the sharia legal system, believing that it all had to do with the cutting off hands and punishing people without looking on the bright side.

While also chiming on the security threats posed by the constant intrusion of the Shiite protests, Yerima said the issue of the Shiites bothers on national security.

“It is not about religious group. I don’t think that anybody or group can be greater than the country. If the government realises that a group is posing as a security threat, I am sure they have the types of machinery to handle them.

‘I do not think that the strike issue can pose any threat to this country. As long as the security agents are doing their work, I am sure that the menace of any group can be handled.”