Industrialization solution to Nigeria’s developmental problems – Don


Tina Amanda

Reactions have trailed the recent statement made by Vice President Yemi Osibanjo that the problem of extreme poverty in Nigeria could be solved through industrialization.

Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Dr Kenneth Nweke, while fielding questions from our reporter, Tina Amanda, said significant industrialization is the solution to Nigerian developmental problems.

He noted that the future of Nigeria becoming industrialized is invisible as most operators in levels of government are yet to work towards the growth of the economy.

“Yes the federal government may be trying to turn around the state of the nation, but you find the operators in levels of government being docile, they sit down and wait for monthly allocations from Abuja without making any effort.

“They are not ready to engage in meaningful or productive ventures, in that case, industrialization will not be realised if the country keeps going on the pace it is going”

He, however, said that if Nigeria could embark on industrialization it will help to reduce the high level of poverty, check unemployment, insecurity and crime rate that is on the increase