Organization withdraws support for pageant organizers in Rivers State


Florence Uwaeme

Port Harcourt To The World, an organization that project and promote Port Harcourt positively to the world has withdrawn support for pageant organizers.

The organization said it has been deliberately dedicated to supporting individuals, businesses, and main events to the best of their ability to see that the world gets to hear about them.

Port Harcourt to the world took to their Facebook page to announce their withdrawal of support to pageantry organizers due to inconsistency on their part.

Mr Goodluck Azunwena, the CEO of the organization lamented that “Some of these pageantry outlets make promises they do not intend fulfilling during their course of adverts to attract contestants. They end up not rewarding the winners of the competition with the said prize money or contract as the case may be.

“Some even go as far as making the Prizes physically available for public viewing and record purposes but do not give the winners in the end. …and to crown it all, these winners are not sponsored to carry out their pet projects which are intended for the good of mankind and the society at large. Therefore defeating the purpose of what the pageantry stands for.”

“In Reaction to the cries of many victims over the years, and the sad reality of no existing or functioning regulatory body for this purpose, and ultimately because the policy of this organization tilts towards promoting legitimacy and protecting the vulnerable, Port Harcourt To The World has decided to take this stand;

Except the following are made available, Port Harcourt To The World will no longer support any pageantry;

1. Proof of registration of organization by CAC.
2. Evidence of availability of prizes.
3. Evidence of redemption of prizes to previous winners.
4. Proof of “pet” projects carried out by previous winners.
5. Proof of document/contract binding contestants to pageantry organization.”