Dress to Stay Alive in This Searing Heat Season


Florence Uwaeme

The rainy season is here, yet the heat is quite unbearable. To survive this searing heat in Port Harcourt, there is the need for you to pay attention to your dressing. Except, maybe you are the type that moves from an air-conditioned house into an air-conditioned car and then to an air-conditioned office, there is a need for you to dress in order to survive the hotness.

If you are amongst those that work in an air-condition-less environment, for you not to choke your private to death, ensure your inner wears are made of cotton. This will help keep that area dry and free from dirt as the cotton undie will absorb every heat and keep the area relatively dry.

For the ladies, keeping it really simple will surely be a life saver. If your working environment is friendly with casuals, or you are your own boss (an entrepreneur), this article will make a great guide to fulfilling that chic yet stylish look.

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are a kind of dress in which the cloth falls straight from the shoulders and has darts around the bust. It frequently features a high scoop or boat neck, usually not tight. Shift dresses are simple, chic and stylish. They can be worn on different occasions. If your shift dress is made with African print, it makes it even better. Ensure you choose a colour that isn’t too odd for work.

Shirt Dresses

Just like shift dresses, the shirt dress is a shirt that is usually longer than normal shirts, worn by women/ladies who are not afraid to express their stylishness in simple, yet gorgeous dresses. The shirt dress gives room for one to take in enough air, especially during these heat periods.
For the men, ensure you wear shirts that are not nylon all through. Cotton shirts are a winner any day. Ensure your pants are not too tight.