The Easiest Way To Calculate your Bra size

Florence Uwaeme

Did you know that most women do not know their Bra size? This can be attributed to the fact that we try Bras on before buying them.

So, what if you go to shop in a store that doesn’t allow trying before buying, what would you do? Would you still get your exact size? Or, what if all Bra dealers decide to put an end to trying before paying? Will you still have Bras to wear to work, church, class, party etc? Or would you keep buying the wrong Bra size until you finally get your size?

In order to get your right Bra size, you need to know the difference between the following; Band Size, Cup Size and Cup Size chart.

The Band Size: This is also known as your Bra waist size. This is what gives your bra the fitting that is required of any Bra. If your band is too loose, it makes the breasts uncomfortable. If the band is too tight, it leaves the wearer uncomfortable. Sometimes, it causes pain around the chest region which could lead to other health issues.

The Cup Size: This is the size of your breast cup. It is important you know the size of your cup size in order to save you the trouble of a buying a bra that will leave your breast wiggling about inside the Bra.

The Cup Size Chart: Have you ever wondered what the letters that accompany your Bra sizes are for? You see 34D and wonder what the letter is doing there? These letters are used to identify your cup size. This is what the chart looks like: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E etc

Calculate your Bra size with three Easy steps

1. Measure your chest right below your underarms. Note the number. Example 38.
2. Take a loose measurement around the fullest part of your breast. Example 34.
3. Subtract number 2 above (34) from number 1 (38). 38 – 34 = 4 which is D. This gives you a Bra size of 38D.

NOTE: The measurement must be done with a measurement tape while wearing a well-fitting Bra.


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