I’ve Helped Many Rivers Women To Get Pregnant –Mama Togo

Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi
A herbal medicine practitioner based in Port Harcourt, Hajia Zainab Runke Ganiyu, popularly known as Mama Togo, has revealed that she had helped many women to get pregnant in Rivers State in particular and Nigeria at large.

In an exclusive chat with TPCN today, Thursday, 28th March, 2019, in her office at Ikwerre Road, Mile 1, Port Harcourt, Hajia Zainab Runke Ganiyu said she had used herbal medicine to treat many women who were finding it difficult to get pregnant because of one ailment or the other such as fibroid, sexually transmitted diseases, among others.

She said that even women who were over fifty years and above had got pregnant after treatment with herbal medicine while some had been aided to also get husbands.

“I thank God for the many cases we have treated successfully. I cannot count how many people we have treated. They are many. We treat infertility in men and women, staph, low sperm count, syphilis, and many others. Herbal medicine is very effective,” she explained.

Mama Togo revealed that some medical doctors and pastors, who could not handle certain cases, usually come to them secretly to get solution, even when such cases may be deemed spiritual.

She said the testimonies she frequently got were confirmation that she was touching many lives through her profession.

While expressing gratitude to God for the many successes she had recorded in her practice, Mama Togo, who said she was a member of the National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP) and the National Woman Leader of traditional medicine in Nigeria, said their practice was highly regulated by the government which had approved traditional medicine in Nigeria.

She said she had attended many courses and training, especially at the College of Natural Medicine in Lagos, noting that they now conduct test with a very modern, non-vibrating computer that reveal every sickness in a person’s body.

“We use modern computer to run our tests to know every sickness inside a patient’s body,” she explained.

TPCN confirmed that the name of the machine is Quantum Weak Magnetic Resonance Analyzer.