Fashion Hub of the Garden City


Florence Uwaeme

Ever wondered where could be called the Fashion/Lifestyle hub of Port Harcourt, The Garden City? Well, I went on a little research lately and I make bold to say that Rumuola Road is the Fashion/Lifestyle Hub of Port Harcourt.

Being on Rumuola road is like being on the busiest street in New York City. The road is filled with different shops that will meet your different needs.

From your regular clothier designers that is pledged to meeting your most intricate design needs, giving you styles that best soothes your body type, be it Ankara fabric, Liacra, Plain and Pattern, Kente, Aso-oke, Auto gele, or any other fabric at all, to your exotic fashion shops that makes you want to empty your bank account because of the beautiful wears that keep smiling at you once you step foot into these shops.

First, it usually is the mannequin that shows off their regalia with a kind of oomph that will make you want to buy all that is displayed by the mannequin. The glittering sequin dresses and clutches that make you crave parties.

There is no leaving behind the fashion accessory shops- where you step in and assuage yourself of all the authentic accessories you’ve not been able to get in a while, like Ear-rings, neckpieces, bracelets, wristwatches, anklets, waist-beads, arm-bands, nose-rings, etc.

The beauty salons that take care of your hair, wigs, pedicure and manicure needs, braids, weavons. You just name it. The skincare shops, the furniture shops where you can get all the latest designs in furniture, the interior décor shop that makes provision for your glamorous and lavish interiors designs for your home, offices and hotels.

Then there is the Lingerie Shops. These ones will make you want to rob a bank even without stepping foot in them. This lingerie comes in different styles. There are the bralettes, bandages, sexy night-wears, bathroom décors and all types of Bra and panties.

With all these on just one Road, why will anyone not agree with me that Rumuola road is the Fashion/Lifestyle Hub of the Garden City.