Worried about not making a chichi Impression on a First Date? Worry no more!

Florence Uwaeme

Lots of people go on dates for numerous reasons; either to check the dates out for potential partners, business dates or just for the sake of hanging out with a friend for the evening. Whichever may be the reason for you, there are crucial things to not overlook while hobnobbing with an acquaintance – especially when it is a first date and you intend becoming more than just an acquaintance.

I once went hanging with a new acquaintance. Dude was tall, smart, handsome, had a good job and all. It was our first date. Trust me, I never disappoint on first dates. I ensure I leave you dazed with my outfit and sensual cologne that makes you curse time for flying so fast instead of allowing you to spend more time with this damsel. My date walked in, basking in this glorious masculine allure that leaves your mouth agape for decades even without your consent.

As he walked to my table, excitedly, I got up to give him a warm hug. I was grossly disappointed. My cute date smelt like congealed sweat on a shirt. I was a tad confused as to why he didn’t wear cologne. That first date was the last we had because Dude left out a crucial part of his outfit.

You see, it is not all about the looks only, the smell also matters. Lol. So, here are simple things to consider in leaving a lasting positive impression on a first date.


The first place most people’s eyes go to after the face is your shoes. Do not wear this type of shoe in white or red colour. The red and white version of this shoe is a NO! NO! Wearing of any of the mentioned colours is the reason some men are still single to stupor. But, why would a man want to even wear a white/red shoe that is neither sneakers nor sandals? Some ladies cannot stand men that are in love with red or white shoes. Dear men, while going on a date, a first date especially, endeavour to not wear this type of shoe in either of the colours mentioned. Do not wear hunting or hiking boots either. Thank me later.

Who says you must wear stilettos to look good. Which would you prefer, would you prefer wearing a flat shoe or blocked heel that is comfortable or wearing a stiletto that leaves you leaping like Miss Frog in the name of being stylish? Except your runway game is topnotch, I beg of you, do not disgrace yourself. Remember, you need not break a bank to look swish.


Sincerely, this is the most reason the people you had a date with once took to their heels and never wanted to meet with you again. In all your dealings, please do not forget to wear cologne whenever you are going to meet with someone. Not wearing one can be equated to terrorism. You would not be happy to notice that people hold their breath around you, would you? Wearing cologne has been saving the day from time immemorial.


Need I remind you of the impact a good hair cut/hairdo would leave on a first date?

Dear ladies, instead of wearing that wig/weave that makes you hit your head at intervals in the name of putting an end to the incessant itching, let go of the wig and wear your natural hair. If you must wear a wig/weave, ensure it is stench free.


Depending on the venue for the date, one can never go wrong with simplicity coated with gorgeousness. Be reminded that there are public places with defined outfits for both sexes; ensure not to break their outfit laws.
Do not wear a revealing cloth that keeps your date distracted the whole evening, except, maybe that is your original intent.


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