2019: Okrika youths vow to steer clear of electoral violence.

Lorine Emenike

“Good leadership and good governance can only be brought about by good people”. This statement was made by Deaconess Fresiti Fresti, nee Bereiso, House of Rep aspirant for Okrika/ Ogu/ Bolo federal constituency under the Green Party of Nigeria.

She stated this at the one-day sensitization campaign on the implications of electoral violence and malpractices for Okrika youths, in Okrika.

Continuing, Deaconess Bereiso said that the people themselves know those that will give them good governance, but that poverty preempts them to sell their votes.

She appreciated Social Action for the electoral sensitization as she said that after the sensitization, her people will go back and think properly before the forthcoming election in 2019.

She said, “after the sensitization program, no matter the corrupt aspirants, no amount of money will make the youths of Okrika sell their votes”.

Also, one of the participants in the sensitization program, Mr Frank Tammie, who is also the youth coordinator of ward 12 in Okrika, applauded Social Action for the event which is geared to enhance and sensitize Okrika youths towards electoral processes for optimum development of her people.

Mr Frank noted that he will convey all of the knowledge he had gathered during the sensitization program to the hinter part of his world in order to ensure that the electoral processes in 2019 general election in Okrika is free and fare.

Also, Mr Green Isaac, one of the facilitators of the sensitization campaign said, they (social action), want to see how the 2019 general election in Rivers State can be a turn around of events of other Years of electioneering processes, where elections in Rivers State will be free and fair and where those who come out winners will be celebrated by oppositions instead of violence.

Mr Green enumerated some of the causes of electoral violence to include:
1. Very high rate of poverty in the land.
2. Inadequate security.

He noted that there is no truth with the electoral umpires, and because of that, there is violence.

He advised the youths to refuse being used to perpetrate violence or against political opponents as most of these politicians during have their children outside the shores of the country and only use the children of the poor as machinery for there selfish interests.

He urged the youths of Okrika to ensure they vote for credible candidates because doing so is the only way of ensuring a better society for all.

On his part, Mr Prince Ekpere, the lead program officer, Social Action, said citizens of every society have the power to initiate good governance by voting into power, credible and worthy, candidates.

He stressed that elections are the channels through which development comes and therefore expressed hope that the good people of Okrika will steer clear of violence and electoral malpractices by voting in credible candidates of their conscience come 2019.

He added that he expects youths of Okrika after the sensitization program, to go to the mosques, churches, markets, etc to further campaign to the good people of Okrika of the benefits of good electoral processes.

Continuing, he said Social Action is out to sensitize the entire populace of Rivers State and to solidarize with both individuals, people living with disabilities and social groups of good cause to enhance a better society.

He stated that” it is our intent, to ensure that elections come and go in a more democratic way, that is our intent”.


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