Coach urges NBBF to resolve leadership crisis

The head coach of Inspector-General of Police (I-G) Female Basketball Club, Abraham Ogaba, on Thursday urged Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) to resolve their leadership crisis for the growth of the game.
Ogaba, who said this in Abuja noted that female Basketball is suffering in the country due to lack of competitions.
He appealed to NBBF to resolve the leadership crisis and engage players so that they will not become vagabonds in the country.
“We are appealing to the NBBF to engage these girls with competitions because many of them are bred winners for their families.
“They feed their families with the little money they receive from their club owners. Both the old and the new board need to sit in a round table and solve the problem.
“The leaders need to organise more female competitions, especially at the grassroots so that they can engage these girls in competition,” he said
He noted that his team was tired of preparing for the 2018 Zenith Bank Women’s Basketball League.
“They (the new board) have kept us waiting for too long to announce the date for the Zenith Women’s Basketball League. Or is that they don’t have any plan for the female competition?
“My team is tired of training and if they suddenly announce a date now, we are not ready for the competition and I’m sure it is the same situation with other teams.
“Many of my players are police officers unlike other clubs where the players did not have any work at hand, I wonder what these girls will doing now.
“The new board of NBBF needs to sit up and organise competition, especially female basketball tournaments. They didn’t have any plan to organise any competition this year,” he said.