PENGASSAN says modular refineries will bridge the scarcity gap

Government at all levels have been urged to formulate policies and development plans that will not reduce the nation’s gross domestic product.
This as the government was also urged to enable the establishment of modular refineries to reduce the scarcity of petroleum products in the country.

The Port Harcourt Zonal Chairman of Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), Comrade Azubike Azubike
stated this during his interview with theportcitynews reporter.

According to him, effective policies will improve the nation’s economy and aid it from been affected by any policy action taking by other oil-producing countries.

Comrade Azubike stressed that the modular refineries capacity should be greatly considered to cut down the scarcity of petroleum product faced in the country.

“What will make modular refineries to be felt is the aggregate, the series of scarcities of petroleum products we have experienced in the country is as a result of the shortage of products available to the country. When you look at it from that angle, then we can now do the statistics, get the result and know what stream can be pumped into the economy that will at a larger extent hold forth during the scarcity of the product.”

He pointed out that flooding the West and Central African market with our petroleum product will aid in stabilizing the Naira.

“Approving modular refinery is one thing, making it operational is another thing. It is not all about approving and there are other legal implications not allowing the modular refinery take off. Those are little cobwebs government should be able to remove it.

“Government should make sure that if they approve one modular refinery and it brings about 5000 litres of fuel product every day, they should also check how many modular refineries we need to bridge the local demand. The important thing is, we need to start from somewhere, we don’t have to wait till when all the modular refineries are approved‘’