Rivers State has some of the politically strong governors. Want to know why? Check the first ladies!


One thing interesting about Rivers State politics is perhaps, the calibre of wives the governors, past and present married.
As a man, navigating the murky waters of Rivers state politics requires that one possesses not just the will and the political structure necessary to navigate such waters but also a strong backbone.

Over the years, especially since the return to democratic rule in 1999, Rivers State has paraded some of the most sophisticated first ladies in the history of first ladies. That, perhaps, is why the governors themselves are thick and strong politically.

When you look at the role governor Peter Odili played from 1999 to 2007 when his tenure expired and how the then president Obasanjo was always visiting Port Harcourt, it shows that only the strong with even a stronger back-up at home will be able to run the affairs of the state and run it effectively.

When one equally looks at the strength of resistance that was exhibited by the current minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi during the faceoff between the ex-governor and the then federal government’s assault led by the then compol Joseph Mbu, it goes to show that good women with strong will make the best out of men. It is to Amaechi’s defiance that president Mohammadu Buhari owes his presidency.

Enters Nyesom Wike who has made sure the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, still remains a force politically. With Wike in charge of affairs in Rivers State, even President Buhari is not safe as Rivers State has become the political capital of Nigeria.

That being said, these men would not have been the kings that they are today without the type of queens that they married.

I mean, somebody like Dr Peter Odili has the backing of a Supreme Court Justice. What else can a man ask for in life? Supreme Court is where decisions are made and they will be final. Even the president doesn’t play with them.

These women are the personification of class, beauty and elegance and have stood behind their husbands through the thick and thin and are still standing.

In fashion, I have been at war with myself over who is the queen fashionista between the ever gracious Justice Suzzette Wike and the ever smiling Lady Judith Amaechi.

Judith Amaechi had seen the federal government launch some of the most vicious attacks ever on her husband when he was governor. It was even reported that the minister was barred from coming out of the government house as Mbu’s men barricaded everywhere but she never gave up, stood behind her husband and they fought with one mind.

Justice Suzzette Wike, the reclusive and press-shy wife of Governor Wike has seen it all too. Their love is ever growing as the governor faces staunch opposition from political actors both at the state and federal levels.

The upcoming election will yet again present another defining moment for her as her husband battles his predecessor in what many have called the ‘political champions league finals’, the outcome of which will go a long way into deciding and laying to rest the dispute over who is the political godfather of the state.

One really hopes that these women of elegance are friends as they are good role models for the today’s girl-child.

How did these people select these women of strength who helped them to become the sages that they are today in Rivers State politics?

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