Safety Tips: How to manage electric shocks and ways to avoid them.

Important information

Electricity is important in our daily lives but when used improperly can
be very dangerous. Here is critical information on what to do in
the event of an electric shocks.

This is what you must do if you think someone has had an electric shock

  1. Approach them cautiously. It’s not always clear if someone has had an electric shock, so take care.
  2. Do NOT touch them with your hands, or feet, or any other part of your body, as this can put you in you in danger too.
  3. If they have been using electrical equipment, turn this off by unplugging the appliance, or switching off the electricity supply at the fuse box (consumer unit).
  4. If you cannot do this, push the item away from the victim using a length of wood, or something that is insulated. Never use something metal or anything that conducts electricity.
  5. After following the guidelines above, if the person is unconscious and you know first aid, treat them, and call for medical help.
  6. Even if someone says they are OK, they may still need medical help.

To stop electric shocks from happening

  1. Make sure that the electrical equipment you are using is in good condition. Be very careful if any wires are exposed.
  2. If the electrical equipment you are using begins to spark, or smell, or smoke, stop using it immediately.
  3. Make sure that only someone who is competent and qualified carries out electrical repairs or installations.
  4. If you see someone tampering with, or vandalizing electrical equipment, please let us know as soon as possible, as they are putting themselves and others in danger by their actions.

Sources: PHED policy brochure