1 The Shape of Water 4 wins
2 Dunkirk 3 wins


Unlike last year’s infamous broadcast, the 90th Annual Academy Awards went smoothly—and almost exactly as predicted—on Sunday night, with Guillermo del Toro’s fantastical romance The Shape of Water taking home a year-leading four trophies, including best picture. It was a ceremony filled with exceptionally well-labeled envelopes but free of any upsets, unless you were somehow found yourself overly invested in the short film categories.

That said, it was also a year of firsts. The Shape of Water became the only science-fiction film to win best picture, while Jordan Peele became the first black recipient of a best screenplay award. The other screenplay winner, 89-year-old James Ivory, is now the oldest recipient of a non-honorary Oscar. And the foreign-language Oscar went to Chile for the first time, for the groundbreaking transgender drama A Fantastic Woman. Less important, but a first nevertheless: Kobe Bryant is now the only NBA player to win an Oscar after picking up a trophy for his animated short.

Below, find a complete list of this year’s Oscar winners, followed by a look at how well experts and Metacritic users did with their Oscar predictions this year. You’ll also find reviews of the broadcast from a variety of TV critics.


Listed below are the 2018 Academy Award winners in each of the 24 categories, compared to the consensus predictions of over 90 industry experts (more on that below).

Category Predicted Winner ACTUAL WINNER
Best Picture yn (tie between The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) The Shape of Water
Director y Guillermo del Toro
The Shape of Water
Guillermo del Toro
The Shape of Water
Lead Actress y Frances McDormand
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Frances McDormand
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Lead Actor y Gary Oldman
Darkest Hour
Gary Oldman
Darkest Hour
Supporting Actress y Allison Janney
I, Tonya
Allison Janney
I, Tonya
Supporting Actor y Sam Rockwell
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Sam Rockwell
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Original Screenplay y Jordan Peele
Get Out
Jordan Peele
Get Out
Adapted Screenplay y James Ivory
Call Me by Your Name
James Ivory
Call Me by Your Name
Animated Feature y Coco Coco
Documentary Feature n Faces Places Icarus
Foreign-Language Feature y A Fantastic Woman A Fantastic Woman
Animated Short y Dear Basketball Dear Basketball
Documentary Short n Edith + Eddie Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405
Live-Action Short n DeKalb Elementary The Silent Child
Original Score y Alexandre Desplat
The Shape of Water
Alexandre Desplat
The Shape of Water
Original Song y “Remember Me”
“Remember Me” 
from Coco
Cinematography y Roger A. Deakins
Blade Runner 2049
Roger A. Deakins
Blade Runner 2049
Film Editing y Lee Smith
Lee Smith
Costume Design y Phantom Thread Phantom Thread
Makeup & Hairstyling y Darkest Hour Darkest Hour
Production Design y The Shape of Water The Shape of Water
Sound Editing y Dunkirk Dunkirk
Sound Mixing y Dunkirk Dunkirk
Visual Effects n War for the Planet of the Apes Blade Runner 2049



As you can see above, our panel of 95 industry experts correctly forecast 19 of the 24 categories as a group. (We’re not counting best picture as a correct prediction, since there was no consensus pick from the experts.) That 79% accuracy rate is an improvement over last year, when the experts had just 17 correct picks (for a 67% success rate).

Three “experts” led the pack with 21 of 24 correct picks (for an 87.5% accuracy rate). That group included—for once—two actual experts in the form of The Playlist’s awards columnist Gregory Ellwood and Awards Circuit’s Clayton Davis. The other member of that top trio was ESPN’s Adnan Virk. Who performed the worst out of the experts making picks in all 24 categories? That would be The New Yorker film critic Richard Brody, who had just 11 correct picks (for a 46% success rate).

Metacritic users

As a group, Metacritic users had the same 79% success rate as the experts. But, once again, our top users outperformed the most accurate experts.

Leading the pack out of the over 5,500 Metacritic users submitting picks this year were

  1. one anonymous user (23 of 24 correct)
  2. Corey Caplan and Jack Henderson (22)
  3. 12 tied with (21), including Peter BookerAshley ChemtovJan KipBrennon MussoStephen NekyAlan OrtizShunzhi RaoAndrew Sourvanos, and Alireza Tadibi


How did Jimmy Kimmel do in his repeat appearance as Oscar host, and how was the nearly four-hour broadcast as a whole? Below are selections from TV critics’ assessments of this year’s Oscars (in no particular order); click any link to read the full review. 

Indiewire Ben Travers

Kimmel just didn’t belong at the center of this celebration. It’s not his fault, even if it did feel like the perfect time for him to hand off hosting duties — or at least the monologue — to a woman, dreamer, person of color, or anyone else who truly needed to be heard and seen on Oscar night. … That being said, Kimmel’s monologue worked best when he was sincere.

CNN Brian Lowry

The Oscars are a big, unwieldy beast, which invariably try to serve too many masters. Yet if the intent was ultimately to maintain a celebratory tone without ignoring either the outside world or the elephant in the room throughout this year’s awards, host Jimmy Kimmel and the show itself largely succeeded.

The Washington Post Hank Stuever

In his second year, Kimmel has shown that the telecast needn’t be anything but sharp and sure, with a funny host whose bits are manageable, shareable and — best of all — forgotten. We’re not making showbiz history here; we’re just trying to get through another Oscar night.

Variety Maureen Ryan

All things considered, the show had a more or less low-key vibe. Normally it takes about two hours for the numbing effect to set in, but despite host Jimmy Kimmel’s best efforts, Sunday’s telecast started to feel a bit languid and low-energy far earlier.

Yahoo! Ken Tucker

A month ago, I said that the best thing Kimmel could have done was announce he was stepping aside to let a woman host this year’s Oscars. He chose not to do that, and ended up much like the statue of the Oscar he made fun of for having no reproductive organ: It was a eunuch’s performance.

San Francisco Chronicle David Wiegand

Even the hope that the noise of clapping might keep the audience at home and in the theater awake, there was little of that for anything except the entrance of actors of advance age.

Deadline Greg Evans

Did the nearly four-hour running time contain any moments for the Oscar ages? Probably not.

Time Daniel D’Addario

The fundamentals of the ceremony, despite dashes of energy that felt risky and daring, had changed little even as the industry the ceremony honored had begun to change a lot. Jimmy Kimmel—who’d seemed outmatched last year by an envelope mix-up before the evening’s most anticipated award—had months to prepare for a show in the wake of the culture-shaking Harvey Weinstein revelations. And he seemed to have spent those months brainstorming how not to address anything at all.

Vanity Fair Richard Lawson

As a host, Kimmel struck a careful, appropriately measured tone … All told, Sunday’s ceremony did an admirable job of recognizing all the turmoil surrounding it while maintaining the silly, chintzy trappings that so many of us tune into the Oscars for. Both cloying and clever, gassy and game-faced, these Academy Awards did the best they could to address difficult things, short of canceling the whole thing and airing some kind of P.S.A. Awards shows are not the best events to turn to for sharp, complicated discourse.

NPR Linda Holmes

The broadcast itself seemed as tame as the winners’ list.

The Oregonian Kristi Turnquist

Was it respectful? Absolutely. Did it make for kind of a dull, earnest Oscars show. Yeah, kind of.

The Hollywood Reporter Daniel Fienberg

How did Kimmel do overall? With the exception of the theater stunt and two unnecessary toss-off Matt Damon jokes — Kimmel really can’t resist — I thought he was good, probably even better than last year. The monologue wasn’t spectacular, but he was more present throughout the show than some hosts tend to be, perhaps because an astounding amount of filler time was built in.

Vulture David Edelstein

This was the best, most inspiring, and most sheerly likable Academy Awards telecast I’ve ever seen. … It was also — in terms of the actual awards — among the most disappointing.

Gold Derby Tony Ruiz

Thanks to a superb sophomore hosting job by Jimmy Kimmel and a significant nostalgia factor, this year’s Oscar ceremony was a well-paced celebration of the best of Hollywood.