3 trendy must-have fashion accessories

Florence Uwaeme

If you consider yourself fashionable and you don’t have any of these 3 must-have fashion accessories listed in this article in your wardrobe, you should consider yourself a little out of fashion.

Fashion accessories are those things we add to our outfits to enhance our looks. We have shoes, handbags, belts, hats, sunglasses, neckpieces, jewellery, etc.

As the world of fashion accessories and how best to style your accessories without you appearing tacky keeps upgrading with most fashion rules being broken to tiny pieces, it is of optimum importance that fashionistas upgrade as well.

These 3 must-have fashion accessories are gotten from most of our fashion stars and connoisseurs of everything fashion, beauty, and style around the globe.

  1. Leather Belts

Belts are one of the oldest fashion accessories in the world of fashion. Belts date as far back as the 15th century. During this time, belts were owned mainly by military men or noblemen.

In today’s world, belts are worn by all and sundry. The best of them being a hip belt, corset belt, Obi belt ( Japanese Sash), and peplum belts.

a. Corset belt

As one of the trendy must-have fashion accessories, corset-style belts have come a long way as they have been around since the Victorian period. These belts are back in the fashion scene as they are seen being worn by fashionistas across the globe.

b. Hip belts

These usually come in chain form. They are worn around the hip for the sheer purpose of flattering the wearer’s curves. Worn mostly over a tight gown, playsuits, jumpsuits, etc. These belts are not single. They come in fours or five strings held together by a hook.

c. Obi belts

Obi belts are one of the trendiest must-have accessories at the moment. They are also known as the Japanese sash.

This belt can be worn with any piece of clothing. From jackets to gowns or jumpsuits, the Obi belts are fashionable as they enhance the look of their wearer.

d. Peplum belts

Peplum belts are one of the trendiest fashion accessories at the moment. What is not to love about these beauties? They are easy to wear, easy to style, can be paired with whatever outfit that you choose, and is quite fashionable.

Did you know you could sew a peplum belt with Ankara fabric? Yes, you can. The beautiful thing about this Ankara’s peplum belt is that, unlike the leather belts which are usually in plain colours, the Ankara peplum belt adds oomph to your outfit. Just think of wearing an all-black outfit paired with a colourful Ankara peplum belt.

  1. Berets

Berets never really go out of fashion as they keep coming back to us from one century to another.

Embellished berets do not only scale up your fashion reputations, but it also brings out the old school vibe that is mixed with high school fashion.

Checked berets are also one of the must-have fashion accessories at the moment.

We have come to see both male and female fashion stars rock them at different times and we couldn’t help but gush over them.

  1. Hats

Fedora hats used to be worn mostly by men in the early twentieth century. However, as the world of fashion keeps evolving with the smashing of fashion rules and regulations, it now has become a staple piece of fashion for anyone at all. Fedora hats are made with a soft brim and indented crown. It is typically creased lengthwise down the crown and “pinched” near the front on both sides.

So, if you are seeking ways to enhance your fashion style, these three listed must-have fashion accessories should be of great help.