Political experience has failed Nigeria – Yul Edochie

Florence Uwaeme

Nollywood actor and aspiring presidential candidate for the 2023 election in Nigeria, Yul Edochie has taken to his social media handles to declare that having a political experience is in no way a guarantee for great leadership as all the elected Nigerian politicians from 1960 till date all had political experience yet they have nothing to show for it.

The Nollywood actor who had severally disclosed his intention of running for the office of the president has refused to be deterred in his quest for better leadership in Nigeria.

Edochie revealed that all that is needed is a young, passionate and visionary individual that is not yet indoctrinated by the system not necessarily one with any political experience as that in itself does not guarantee great leadership.

He wrote; “They say I have no political experience. The ones with political experience see where they have kept us. From 1960 till now.

We don’t need political experience anymore. We need one of us.

A compassionate, visionary youth with integrity who hasn’t been corrupted by the system.”

As is expected, his comment elicited different reactions from social media users as some asked him to go to his state, become the governor before aspiring for the post of the presidency.