10 ways you’ve probably abused your Vagina.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman holding an SOS sign in front of her private parts

  1. You’re getting your information from unverified sources.

  2. You’re putting your vagina in the hands and care of medical unprofessional. Visit a hospital or clinic or talk to a doctor for proper examination and diagnosis before treatment is prescribed. Your vagina is too precious to be careless with.

  3. You’re treating your vagina like a hostile environment. Aggressive washing, steaming, ‘cleansing’ and douching (Propelling jets of water into the vagina for either cleansing purposes or after sex to remove semen- unnecessary and dangerous. This can even lead to vaginal or cervical cancer in rare cases).

  4. You wash it with soap, antiseptics, and all types of whatnot. As I have severally taught, the vagina is the major opening for sex and childbirth Don’t wash it with water or anything. It is self-cleansing Instead you can wash the Vulva (outer genital area) with plain water. A lot of people confuse the Vagina and Vulva.

  5. You spice it with different flavours and scents. From strawberry to garlic, when it’s not parfait or soup.

I know you want to be freaky, but all those food items are foreign bodies and can cause adverse reactions and upset the normal flora of the vagina. Unnecessary and harmful practice.

Also, please check the ingredients of your lubes before use…

Water-based lubes with probiotic cultures are advised.

  1. You steam it. Sister, you’re killing good bacteria. Heat upsets the normal flora.

  2. “Antibiotics” is your bestie. You drink, swallow, insert. You mix Ampliclox, metronidazole, Gentamicin, that’s your sin.

Embrace probiotics instead and lots of yoghurts.

  1. Your pant is allergic to the sun. It has been in your bathroom breathing in fungi. At least iron it when it dries if for any reason sunshine is scarce.

  2. Poorly treated infections. Stop self-medication and DIYs.

Prioritize your health.

  1. Multiple sexual partners and unprotected sex. Even with condoms, infections like Human Papilloma Virus can be transferred via contact. The chances increase with a number of sexual partners. Nothing is sexier than Safe and consensual sex.