Trendy braid styles as seen in Port Harcourt

Florence Uwaeme

If you are a fashionista or an aspiring one and you’re yet to try any of the hairstyles I’m about listing here, just know that you’re far way behind in gorgeous hair trends.

Fashion just like every other area of living keeps evolving and we can’t help but try our best in keeping up with these evolving trends.

Here are braid trends you should try

Knotless braid

Just as the name implies is a type of braid that does not have the regular knot showing where the hair extension started.
This type of braid is light, can be styled into any pattern or form without stress.

Goddess braid

Goddess braid is surely the next big thing in braid making. This braid is made with curly hair extension and the tip of the braid is usually curly and quite long too.

Stitch braid

Stitch braids are weaves done in rectangular forms that give a certain style.

These are the most popular braids at the moment and I assure you that they are gorgeously beautiful and you should try any of them.