Comments on Amaechi: Wike is lying – Chris Finebone

Chris Finebone, a former Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers, says claims by Governor Nyesom Wike against the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi are lies.

Wike had during an interview on AIT on Monday blasted his predecessor over his comments on the state of security in the state.

Finebone said that Amaechi gave Wike a free hand to run the affairs of the government as a chief of staff.

He said: “It was not unusual to see Governor Wike take to his despicable path once again on live television ranting, cursing and agonizing in a manner unbecoming of a governor.

“At least, he reminded one of the epic titles by Ola Rotimi ‘Our Husband has gone mad again.’ It was a typical Nyesom Wike except that his target was another Rotimi.

“Seriously speaking, Wike knows he was lying to himself and the public because he was an insider in the Amaechi government that he served as Chief of Staff.

“Anyone who knows Amaechi will testify that he delegates functions to subordinates. And in the case of Nyesom Wike as Chief of Staff, Amaechi gave him a free hand in his government such that Wike abused it to the extent that he (Wike) incurred enemies for Amaechi without the latter knowing it.

“Wike cornered everything and only let out that which he wanted to, all in the name of Amaechi. Little did Amaechi and others know that Wike was undermining the government he was a key member courtesy of Amaechi only to turn around to present his true self as a betrayer worse than Judas Iscariot.

“Wike should be man enough to own up to all the things he did for which he is now passing the blames to his former boss. The Amaechi people know is an incorruptible, intelligent and humane person.

“He was building next-generation schools to take Rivers children to the next level because UN studies indicate that the education given to a child in his/her first six years on earth makes the most impact on him/her.

“It is not surprising that Governor Wike does not understand it. You heard him advocating the repair of old schools built by missionaries at the beginning of the 20th century when the world had not dreamed of what the internet is. That’s how a governor thinks in this 21st century. Very sad!

“Wike carefully dodged the fact that Amaechi employed 400 doctors and 3,200 teachers in one fell swoop, many of whom Wike has frustrated out of work. Governor Wike did not say that he canceled all scholarships , local & foreign, started by Amaechi and the students repatriated home.

“He forgot to mention that the Songhai Centre, Banana Farm at Tai, Fish Farms at Buguma, Opobo and several other places have long been done away with by his government.

“Wike refused to mention why Rivers State is ranked in the top three of unemployment in the country. The matter of Wike and Rivers State is a basket case”.