Akpabio links Kalu, Ibori, Uduaghan to NDDC contracts. Kalu expresses worry

Minister of Niger Delta Affairs Godswill Akpabio has linked two former governors of Delta State James Ibori and Emmanuel Uduaghan to contracts awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

According to Punch, former governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Kalu also appeared in a letter submitted to the Speaker, House of Representatives Femi Gbajabiamila on July 23 through clerk to the House Patrick Giwa.

Senator Ifeanyi Ararume was also named in the documents which the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice got a copy of.

According to the documents, emergency repairs projects linked to the aforementioned were awarded in 2018.

Kalu identified in the document as OUK-Kalu (the project source) was awarded five projects all in Abia.

He was said to be awarded emergency repairs of Ezere-Acha-Ndiokoukwu Road (N517.9 million) and repairs of Amaubiri-Eluama-Uru Ring Road, Lokpaukwu, Umuchieze (N560 million).

Others linked to Kalu are Ndi Oji Abam-Atan Road (N523.7 million), Okafia-Ozuitem-Bende Road (N508 million) and Ozu-Amuru-Abam Road at the cost of N523.4 million.

Ibori is said to have been awarded the emergency repairs of Onoghove Community Road from Ajanesan to Western Delta University at a cost of N485.7 million.

Uduaghan was linked to the emergency repairs of Close B, Alhaji Estate and Environs, Rumuodomaya, Port Harcourt at a cost of N429 million.

Twelve projects were linked to Ararume in Imo and Rivers states but the costs were not indicated in the documents.

However, Senator Kalu, on Monday said the Commission has not paid the contractors who constructed the roads he facilitated.

Kalu in a statement signed by Barrister Emeka Nwala of office of the Senate Chief Whip said he believed that the issues at stake in the NDDC had to do with missing funds and not works done.

He added that he was becoming worried over his name being used indiscriminately to sell newspapers without verifications.

The Chief Whip said the road projects mentioned by the Honourable Minister are the interventions he facilitated for the communities as a private citizen before he became a Senator.

Kalu revealed that his name was mentioned because he used his letter headed paper to write a sympathetic letter to the NDDC in 2016 requesting and pleading with the body to rescue roads in Abia.

He also noted that his relationship with Akpabio dated years back and long before he (Kalu) became a governor.

He added that he would still request for more road interventions from Akpabio

He said, “I was governor of Abia State between 1999-2007 and never held any public office until June 11, 2019, when I was sworn in as a Senator.

“Between 2016- 2018 during my tour to several communities; leaders and welfare unions of most communities pleaded for urgent intervention on some dilapidated roads.

“I wrote to the NDDC informing the body of the conditions of these roads and the need for their attention since Abia is an NDDC State.

“The NDDC in their consideration which I am very grateful to award the roads to companies that duly tendered for the projects and not myself.

“Whatever link I have with the projects is because it was considered due to my intervention,” he said.

The Senate Chief Whip also noted that the NDDC that awarded the projects were not part of the interim management in controversy but the fully constituted body of NDDC with its board.

He said, “The roads I requested for intervention as mentioned by the Honourable Minister were repairs of Ezere-Acha-Ndiokoukwu Road; Amaubiri-Eluama-Uru Ring Road, Lokpaukwu, Umuchieze; Ndi Oji Abam-Atan Road; the Okafia-Ozuitem-Bende road and Ozu-Amuru-Abam Road.

“The contractors have completed and delivered these roads a long time ago except Abam-Atani road which I learnt from the contractors was slowed down due to rain but still ongoing.

“Meanwhile, it would interest Nigerians to know that the contractors who built these roads have not been paid any dime.

“It has not been easy with the contractors but because it’s a community project they have only but kept hope alive on the NDDC.

” I am so much concerned about roads because I understand the economic importance of good roads, that’s why I built several roads when I was governor.

“Even as a Senator, it would interest you to know that my major constituency projects are road constructions, reconstructions and rehabilitation.

“We have put in plans to finish 19 roads in Abia North before the end of 2021.

“As a community leader, I do not intend to stop my interventions on roads in NDDC states because all the states need good roads.

“Good roads help to drive the economy. Therefore, I believe the NDDC forensic audit should focus on the missing funds and not works done.

“They should focus on paying contractors that delivered their jobs and not using my name indiscriminately to sell newspapers.

“The Honourable Minister, Senator Godswill Akpabio is my good old friend. We have been friends even before I became a governor.

“I hope he doesn’t expect me to stop seeking road interventions in our communities.

“It is his civic responsibility to support the communities and I am very confident he will oblige our future requests especially in areas of good roads,” Kalu said