Dear Nigerians, Y’all didn’t turn out well

Florence Uwaeme

Following the viral video of a Zambian dad who was seen scolding and slapping his son for supposedly failing his examination and skipping two of the most important subjects; English and Mathematics, most internet users have lashed-out at the man for not hitting his son.

Most Nigerians have gone ahead to blame the man for not giving his son a befitting beating that is deserving of his offense. These set of people went ahead to relay the stories of how they were brutalized in the name of discipline by their parents. From the different stories that I have seen so far on the streets of Nigerian social media, it is imperative that to conclude that most Nigerians were physically abused by their parents while growing up. Some even went ahead to say that beating a child is part of the African culture and they are so proud their parents dealt with their childish folly with merciless beatings and that’s why they turned out well.

Dear Nigerians, you lot did not turn out well at all. Yes, you people weren’t even as close as turning out well. You lots are here thinking you are a better person because of the beatings you received from your parents even when you were obviously displaying the childishness that is attributed to children. Let me tell you why some of you grew up to condone abuse on children as a form of discipline.

First of all, most of your parents kept on having kids they couldn’t care for, they kept birthing more than they could train either because of ignorance or widely because they were hoping to birth a particular gender before hanging their boots. When they are unable to raise the kids they gave birth to properly by providing basic needs for the family, these parents unleash their frustration on their kids. That’s why a child of 8 years will be battered for misplacing a pencil that is only worth 50naira.
Another reason is because some parents silence their kids when they are only displaying their childishness. Some parents, for instance, beat their kids when they are curious and ask too much questions, they beat them when they correct elders (who are considered to be always right), they beat them when they spill food, dirty the house or do any random thing that kids do. Then, when these kids turn out as timid or shy, they also beat them for not defending themselves or opening their mouths to talk.

These set of children grow up into adults and see nothing wrong in the myriad of abuse meted at them by their parents. Then go ahead to repeat the same circle in their own nuclear family.

You lot did not turn out well one bit, because it is still you people that cheat in exam hall, short-change your customers by selling substandard goods in the name of standard ones. Y’all didn’t turn out well because the environment we live in tells our story as a people. We are still the ones that throw empty water cans and sausage rolls packets away from moving cars. We are the ones that are basking in corruption and are afraid to confront our oppressors, instead we hail them with chieftaincy titles.