Eniola Badmus Dares Weight Loss Vendors ‘Use Me’


Florence Uwaeme

Popular plus-sized comic actor, Eniola Badmus has declared herself available for weight-loss vendors to be used for experiments.

In her post yesterday on her Instagram page, she taunted weight-loss vendors to stop the deceit and use her as a project if their products really work. Instead of displaying people who are already slim as their projects.

She said “If truely your weight loss pills and food works, use Eniola Badmus as a project. Work on me and let the world see the progress. Stop using people we know as slim people to advertise weight-loss food, pills, etc,”.

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The Nigerian social media space has been filled with all kind of vendors who promise their buyers heaven on earth. From weight-loss product vendors to hip enlargement product vendors and sex enhancement vendors, etc. You can hardly scroll past any newsfeed without seeing where someone is advertising their weight-loss products.

These products most times do little or nothing at all. Most people that patronize these vendors end up with disappointment because they have been Scammed by these vendors.

So, instead of fronting slim people as the end product of their weight-loss products, Eniola Badmus is offering herself as a project for the world to confirm that your weight-loss pills/meals work wonders.

I doubt that any of these Instagram weight-loss vendors will take-up this challenge

Weight-loss vendors, over to you.