Chima did not steal my car as police alleged – Ezenwaliri


Lorine Emenike

Mr Chinedu Samuel Ezenwaliri the owner of the Toyota Camry allegedly stolen by late Mr Chima Ikwunado has debunked the allegations levelled against the late mechanic by the notorious Eagle Crack Unit of the Rivers State Police Command.

The late mechanic who died recently while in the custody of the mile 1 police station was arrested for driving against traffic.

The police alleged that the late Chima who was in the company of four men was arrested also for stealing a Toyota Camry and a corolla.

Mr Chinedu Samuel Ezenwaliri, during a press conference in Port Harcourt, said that on the 19th of December, he gave his Camry to Chima to repair. “I asked him to go in the car and come back tomorrow that I will give him money for the repair.

“The next day being Friday, I called him on his cells all through, his phone was ringing but nobody picked my call. Then on Saturday, I called his neighbour and his neighbour told me that the police had arrested him for driving against traffic

“Then on Sunday after service, I traced Mr Chima and my car to the mile 1 police station which I learnt was where the police that arrested him kept him. When I got to the mile 1 police station, I searched and saw my car, but the police asked me to go get the particulars of my car so I left to go get the car’s particulars.

“On Tuesday, I came back to the police station with my car particulars in the company of my brother Iyk. Reaching there, they asked me to present my particulars, they cross-checked it and gave them back to me.

“They now asked me what Chima does for a living and I said Chima is my mechanic. They now showed me a video of a man testifying that they used to steal cars and I told them that the man in the video is not Chima and they replied Chima is their gang member, and I replied God forbid it is not Chima.

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“I told the IPO that I heard that their offence is that they drove one way, against traffic. Reacting to what I said, the IPO asked me to leave his office. I left and on the 26th of December I went back to the police station again in the company of my brother and they told me that they are investigating Chima, but they released my car to me on that day but I didn’t see Chima.

“When I recovered my car, I noticed that they have removed my car battery, my driving license and invoice. I had to source for a car battery to be able to remove my car from their station.

“On the 2nd of January, I went back to the station again to enquire about Chima. I am here to tell the world that I did not report to anybody that my car was stolen or that I lost my car. So I want to testify to the world that Mr Chima Ikwunado is my mechanic, I voluntarily gave him my car to fix for me”

Also, Mr Chinedu’s lawyer, Chiabu Onuobia Esq who came for the press conference told newsmen that their client, Mr Chinedu had seized going to his workplace because of the incessant presence of some policemen who kept coming to ask for him.

Chiabu also said an affidavit bearing his picture has been sworn at the high court in Port Harcourt by his client to authenticate his person as the owner of the car and to also debunk the allegation by some police of the eagle crack that Chima stole his car, and that Mr Chima is innocent of the crime been levelled against him.