Opinion: My New Year Thoughts.

Azubuike Ihemeje

Today is the first working day of year 2020. For your information, all governmental offices and departments are already open for business.

Officially speaking, the ephemeral days of hiatus from formal activities and work is over too.

That period of break was good for relaxation and recreation, seeming like some sort of interlude after a very long period of intense activities.

But, that intermission is over. Yes! E don finish!

Back to business.

Truth is, I detest to sound like a good adviser. I’m not one. I’m not even your regular Nigerian Motivational Speaker. I can’t motivate anybody.

Even I need plenty motivations to meander through the murky, labyrinth, and highly complicated irregular Nigeria we’ve found ourselves in, not necessarily by choice, but by birth. For we’ve no control over our own birth, but we can control the things we choose to think of or act on.

Firstly, let us reason over some very disturbing contradictions; Many excitedly proclaim that; they ‘Crossed Over’.

No! You did not cross over. On the contrary, time met you. Times are constantly running, and we merely exist within the time we live in.

You’re not capable of crossing over from one time, day, month, year or decade, as if you joined over the time. Never!

The stark reality is, as years roll by, we’re simply aging and dying by installments.

Yes, we’re dying small small.

It’s merely a New Year because our calendars said so.

Secondly, there’s this mysticism some have erroneously attached to new year.
Like; New year, New everything.
Automatic new solutions, new achievements and instant total freedom from old challenges and wahalas.

Some false sense of Eldorado and bliss.

It’s a lie, A huge lie!!

Fact is; the New Year has not come to wash away our multitudes of sins.

Truth is, problems and challenges don’t know new year.

In short the longer the time, the bigger the existing problem.

For instance, your indebtedness of 2019 cannot simply be erased simply because the calendar said we’re in 2020. You must pay oooh!

Your pending cases in Court can’t just vanish just because of your new year. Never! They’ll still appear on the Court’s Course List, and will continue till the final determination or settlement, whichever comes first.

If you have a bad character you’ve been battling to overcome, or you’ve ignorantly and/or stubbornly refused to admit, your new year’s wishes can’t help. Those behaviors will remain there with you. They don’t even know what exactly cross over is talking about .
Your 24hrs transition from December 31st night to 1st January means absolutely nothing to your well acquired preponderance to bad behavior. It’s in you! Like Peak-milk! Lol

Unless, you make deliberate decision and efforts to CHANGE!

The third aspect is this issue of self wishes everywhere.

In Nigeria , we only wish to get, collect, grab and receive so, so, and so things. But, I’ve hardly seen anyone who wishes to GIVE.

You want every good thing in 2020, but you’re not prepared to give. Just collect, collect and collect! You want to receive bountiful blessings, yes, just as a receiver.

It’s ok.


I must say that it’s heartwarming to observe that those usual NewYear Resolutions are now decreasing astronomically, as people are beginning to see the futility therein.

Over the years, some of us have advocated that; if you have a bad character, Change it deliberately. Don’t wait till new year to inundate with useless Resolutions. It doesn’t work. It has never worked!

Now, If you’re involved in any outlawed business. Just stop already and turn around. Don’t even assume that the government would relax their policies and enforcement for you, merely because of a New Year.

Let me reiterate what I’ve always said here, every first working day of the year: Stay away from crime, big or small. For crime is the only singular thing that’s capable of putting you out of circulation and mar your very cherished new year wishes. Don’t allow yourself to be used, or overcomed by the alluring momentary pleasures of crimes.

Don’t allow your temper and emotions to overwhelm you, so much so, that you resort to physically commission of a crime against another person, and then you say “I merely retaliated”… “it was out of anger”… “He provoked me.”


You may survive hardship.
You may overcome privations.
You may even surmount sickness. But, you cannot wish away criminal investigations and prosecutions. Crime does not rotten. Case file no dey loss. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Avoid self help. Report to the Police immediately, if you’re under physical distress. For revenge is costly.

Many people are dead or in prison today, merely because of retaliation.

Be careful! I do not wish you a happy 2020. I rather wish you whatever your actions wish you.

Finally, your 2020 will be truly worthwhile, largely depending on your actions, inactions, decisions and and circumstances you find yourself in, and not necessarily by your mere wishes.

As you decisively make the right decisions this year, I equally enjoin you to make the best your worst circumstances too. It’s not always rosy.

Therefore, throughout the year, we must remain vigilant, determined and demonstrate that deliberateness to change what we can possibly change, as we live and wean down by each tickle of the time.