Top 10 Fashion Trends Of 2019

Florence Uwaeme

Fashion trends are part of what completes our year. There is no denying the fact that fashion has become the new oil and gas and it cannot be neglected.

Last year, like most years, the Nigerian fashion space was stormed with new and edgy styles and trends that are breathe-takingly gorgeous and exciting at the same time.

Although some of these trends had been around for quite a long time now, that they still make a fashion statement when adorned by fashionistas and fashion influencers makes them note worthy.

Embroided Suits

Embroided suits dominated the Nigerian suit world this year. Adorned by people who are not afraid of showing off the fashionista in them. These suits are worn by male and female alike. Want to stand out from the crowd at that event, you never can tell what this style is capable of doing.

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves was one of the best things that happened in the 80’s to women. Any woman that hadn’t any dress with the sleeves screaming ‘look who is here!’ then, was considered old fashion. This year, we saw a return of these sleeves rocked by the cream de la cream of the society. Mind you, these sleeves are not going anyway just yet.

Micro or Mini Bags

While our phones and other electronic gadgets are getting bigger, our handbags are busy shrinking. What do we make of these micro hand bags can can’t even contain your phone. Yet they are the rave of the moment.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are like those accessories we’ve had a long time ago but hadn’t the confidence to rock alone until it became rampant. These shorts can be styled in different ways depending on the fashion sense of the wearer.

Asymmetric Dresses

Asymmetric dresses come in different styles and patterns. It could be as a jumpsuit, a dress, a formal work dress, an asoebi dress. This year, we saw more people making their fashion statements in their own little ways with asymmetric dresses.


Made Popular by our artistes, this scarf have made its way into different fashion influencers wardrobe and it isn’t in much of a hurry to leave the Nigerain fashion space.

Flared Pants

Flared pants took the Nigerian fashion space by storm. As it saw everyone rocking it either for a formal meeting, or for that simple chick look.

Neon colour

Neon colours became everyone’s favourite. It was embraced with all the love that only a mother could get. Do you wanna be noticed out there, any dress in neon can save the day.


Tulles were mostly used to embellish dresses back then. But right now, it is a whole new mood, as it is now worn as a full dress.