Shari’a statement: Group asks Tanko Mohammed to resign

Southern Nigeria Communities Organization has berated the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed for advocating for the amendment of the Constitution to accommodate some peculiarities of the Shari’a law.

The organisation in a statement title: ‘When Justice is Divisive’ signed by its General Secretary and made available to theportcitynews said that by the statement, the CJN has shown himself to be sectarian, partisan and divisive.

It said the circumstances surrounding the emergence of Mr. Ibrahim Tanko as the Chief Justice of Nigeria are mired in controversies.

“The substantive CJN, erstwhile Mr. Walter Onnoghen was illegally removed by an appendage of the presidency in total disregard of the principle of the separation of powers.

“That singular act removed whatever vestiges of respect for the presidency of Nigeria and brought global opprobrium.

” Rather than the presidential of Nigeria, the NBA, the NJC, the national assembly, to attempt to stop the assault on, and the insult to the Judiciary, in their silence, brigandage was endorsed.

“In their silence, against all logic, an Islamic judge was made the Chief Justice of Nigeria in a very rude, arrogant, unconstitutional and infuriated manner. The judiciary officially became a department in Aso Rock.

“Court judgements and actions have since become an embarrassment. Nigeria is sinking faster than the Titanic did!

“Much as most persons disagree with this president and his Chief Justice, we pretty much leave them to themselves! But they seem to have other ideas…

” Mr. Ibrahim Tanko was reported to have declared that “the Constitution should be amended to accommodate more Sharia and reach Arabic all over”; “we have the numbers, we could have the Constitution changed to suit our peculiarities”.

“With this unfortunate declaration from this strangely-appointed CJN, his open declaration for the religious and sectional dominance of the Islamic Caliphate over the rest of Nigeria, then we should be very alarmed.

” The Southern Nigeria Communities Organization absolutely condemns Mr. Tanko Ibrahim, his utterances and what he represents. As the highest judicial official in the country, he should not only be seen above board but neutral and upholding social & religious justice. This CJN has shown himself to be partisan, sectarian, and biased against Christendom and Southern Nigeria!

“The so-called Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mr. Tanko Ibrahim, does not deserve to hold the office any longer, as his continuous occupancy of that office shall spell doom to the continued existence of Nigeria! From the foregoing, we call on the international community, the national Assembly, the NBA, the NJC and all good people, to rise, condemn the utterances and actions of this CJN, and ultimately demand for his disposition.

“Dear Nigerians, we should not take the utterances of this man with a grain of salt. The utterances by that man are of great concern to the Christians and Southern Nigerians! Mr. Tanko Ibrahim should be excused from (which he occupies illegally) and a more pan-Nigerian personality should be appointed as recommended by the NJC!

“Mr. Tanko Ibrahim is unfit to be the CJN of a constitutionally secular country! Mr. Tanko must be excused from office immediately; Nigeria sits on a keg of gunpowder!”