6 Must Haves If You Are A Wig Owner


Florence Uwaeme

Wigs are no doubt, one of the best things to happen to us after jollof rice. For those wigs of yours to give you the sleek and glam look you always desire, there are essentials you must have in order to give your wig the right care that would make it last.

Wigs are lifesavers, trust me. The glam you feel when you put one on can sometimes not be equated to the relief felt when they are pulled off – there is this feeling of bliss you experience after coming back from work and yanking your wig off. The feeling is not quantifiable.

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Remember those days one had to sit for long hours in the salon to either get a braid done or fix a weavon. The horrors of those days can be said to be significantly over because you can just walk into a salon and get any style of the wig of your choice.

So, because we love to see your wig glow, we bring to you, six things you must have as a wig owner that would help your wig keep its shine.

1. Wig Brush

There are different wig brushes in out there. It is left for your hairstylist to enlighten you on the type that is perfect for your wig style. If you don’t want your wig looking like dreadlocks on a mentally unstable lady, ensure you brush your and care for your wig as often as possible.

  1. Wig Cap

Wig caps are like those little things we have and use on a daily we feel doesn’t matter until we lose them. A wig cap helps keep your hair in a good place under the wig. You need the wig cap as much as you need your wig.

  1. Spray Bottle

    You never can tell when your wig may be in need of urgent care that requires just water, oil and some other natural things. The spray bottle will come handy.

  2. Edge control cream

    Depending on the style of your wig, the edge control cream will help give your edge an edge above other edges. If your edges are going to be showing especially, the edge control is there to save the day.

  3. Wig Oil

    If you wouldn’t want people cringing at the sight of you, ensure your wig is properly oiled. Wig oil helps keep your wigs moisturized and in good shape.

  4. Wig Stand

    Most wig owners are yet to realize the need to also own wig stands. Wig stands help keep your wigs safe from the easy tangle.