Trends and Colours

Florence Uwaeme

Every other day, fashionistas are posed with the challenge of giving us something new. It may be a new hair style, new shoe, new colour of accessories or fashion item, it could even be new ways to style an already existing fashion item.

In this summer season, here are the few items we’ve noticed our fashion forward beauties rock.


These bags are the latest fashion accessory in town. If you are yet to get one of these, then consider yourself out of vogue. Lol.

These bags suits every and any thing you pair it with. From your denim to your pleated midi skirt, it is easy to carry and contains quite more stuff than you can imagine.


Leather wear materials are definitely not new in the fashion space, however, they are back in vogue. And this time, they came in smoking hot mini skirts.
If you’ve always loved to show off those cute legs of yours, this is for you.

Neon coloured clothing’s are best for the summer. Yes! This is for the bold and daring in style. These colours are so eye catching that you need not announce your presence when ever you step into a place. All you need to do is show up and you will be noticed. Lol.