When will some Nigerian Women Have Sense?

Florence Uwaeme

It is quite saddening that in 2019, a supposed educated independent woman, who has her own thriving business or Job, has a good accommodation, fends for herself and family members is afraid to be without a man. Hence she is plans to stay on with an abusive man, who disrespects her, beats her up even in public, yet is housed by her, fed by her and is sexually satisfied by her.

Why should any human being put-up with an abuser? Why are you so afraid that you beg your abuser to not leave you? Do you place any value on your life at all? Maybe when he gets you disfigured then you’ll start thinking straight. Oh, maybe you think he’ll change. How long have you waited for this change to no avail? How much longer do you intend to wait for this not-soon-to-come change?

This clingy shit-taking attitude most Nigerian women display, is as it is mostly because of how they are raised. From a very tender age, she is groomed to become someone’s wife (not a complete individual), she is taught to endure insults from boys because she is a girl. She is told she is incomplete without a man. She is disrespected and bullied if she tries expressing her free will as an individual. She is groomed to have dreams and aspirations but not too big a dream or aspiration that will chase a prospective suitor away.

These girls grow up with this sick mindset. They try as much as possible to seek validation from any male that as much as smiles at them. They become clingy, shit-taking ass-lickers, so much so that they will choose to remain with an abuser instead of being alone.

Our parents and the society are to blame for placing relevance on a woman only when she is with a man.

My dear Nigerian women, please emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Flee from any man or woman that places little or no value on your life. Abusers hardly change, rather they become worst by the day. Show you care about yourself by taking a walk today.


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