Where to Get your Dresses And Aso Oke Stoned in Port-Harcourt.

Florence Uwaeme

Dress stoning has suddenly become the new best thing after Bole. It has become almost impossible to see a dress that isn’t stoned. Like all other works of life, fashion keeps evolving. Creatives have always found ways to add a little harmless sparkle here and there.

Fixing stones on fabric is the ultimate in fabric embellishment. The sparkly stones bring a flash of brilliance and a dimension to fabrics which is unparalleled. Stone embroidery basically means putting stones on to fabric in beautiful patterns.

This pattern could be achieved by tracing the stones on an already patterned fabric or creating an entirely new design with the stones on a plain fabric. This embroidery with stones is done with stones of different sizes and shapes. Fabric stoning uses some simple patterns which form the basis of stone embroidery.

Indigo Mall is a fashion and lifestyle mall located at Stadium road here in Port Harcourt city. They are your go-to place for your auto gele needs and dress embellishment. They don’t just embellish your auto geles and dresses; they make your dresses as well with high-quality fabrics.

Auto Gele styles

These embellished auto geles go for 10k to 18k. The beauty of these Aso Oke auto gele is that they are already made; you don’t have to sit for hours waiting for your gele to be tied by anyone, all you’ve got to do is wear it, and you’re good to go. Living made easy!


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