MOSOP says ex-president’s propaganda not going to work

The crisis rocking the Movement for the survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP, has intensified with the Fegalo Nsuke’s faction of MOSOP advising the general public to discountenance all communications coming from Mr Legborsi Pyagbara in the name of the movement.

Mr Legborsi whose tenure as president of the movement, has refused to vacate the position.

In a statement signed by Fidency Legborsi Tor-Ue, its Publicly Secretary, and made available to theportcitynews, MOSOP said it has noted that the propaganda and scandalous actions currently embarked upon by Pyagbara who have lost every claim to the presidency of MOSOP following the expiration of his tenure on December 31, 2018.

“We note that the Ogoni people have moved on following the inauguration of the new executives led by Fegalo Nsuke on Ogoni day and are confident that the new leadership will provide the right direction for the movement as aptly captured in the Ogoni day speech of the new MOSOP president.

“We regret that Pyagbara’s recent actions have been very embarrassing to the movement. For example, after failing to stop the Ogoni day event of January 4, 2018, Pyagbara released a scandalously false statement titled “Ogoni Day”.

“Indeed Pyagbara understood that he is fake and had no place in the mind of MOSOP and the Ogoni people any longer and thus has resorted to a campaign of calumny.

“The same Pyagbara was on radio on January 3, 2018 asking Ogoni people not to celebrate the annual Ogoni day. Following the massive turnout on January 4 and the inauguration of Mr Nsuke at the Ogoni day event, Pyagbara has now resorted to a miserable campaign of calumny.

“It is also on record that after a failed assassination attempt on Mr Nsuke on Sunday, October 7, 2018, Pyagbara had made several overtures to persuade Mr Nsuke to forgive him.

“In fact, on January 3, 2018, Pyagbara in company of some others were in Yeghe hometown of Mr Nsuke pleading with youth leaders to persuade Nsuke for forgiveness and possibly lead them to him.

“But Ogoni has moved on and nothing can stop the new wind of change. It is our hope that Pyagbara would embrace the peace initiatives of the new president, Fegalo Nsuke.

“We commend Ogonis and friends of the Ogoni people all over the world for the massive support given to our new president, Fegalo Nsuke, and assure everyone of our commitment to a free Ogoni and the restoration of the dignity of the Ogoni people” the statement read.



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