Common Sense Series. (Power Generation)

Baron Roy

In 1882, Thomas Edison built the first power plant in New York City. Over a 10 year period, he built more power plants around the city and a few others. New York City has been with uninterrupted power for over 125 years.

Other investors saw what he did, and the proliferation of power stations spread across the United States and Canada on a city by city basis. Cities that didn’t have power either invited investors to build power plants for them or the Municipal Government created Public Utilities to purchase power from nearby plants. Each city and municipal area sought to provide power for their citizens.

Other cities worldwide observed what was happening in US cities, and built power plants for themselves too. The City of Lagos Municipal also saw this and built a power plant in 1892 that served them. Jos built a 3mW dam in 1903 to serve the City of Jos.

This is called Distributed Generation; where power stations are built for particular cities. This is the philosophy of power generation for Power Availability all over the world.

For Power Reliability (efficiency), some power plants in the same area decided to go into partnership. Thus they connected their power plants through High Transmission Lines…the connected power plants and customers were now called a Grid. With the appearance of the Grid System, the government of the US stepped in to REGULATE power but still left the “gridded” companies to manage their grids. With this, each power plant still has control of particular municipal areas where they provide power and send their excesses to the grid where those excesses are transmitted to rural areas or areas with supply shortfalls.

The Provision of Electric Power is the responsibility of a Municipal Government in the USA, Norway, Finland, Australia, China and other places. Through Distributed Generation, they provide power for their immediate towns and cities. The federal government is NOT involved in any way. The power companies pay their taxes to the municipal governments. The federal government of the USA does not get in the way!

Dear Readers, whenever the federal government of Nigeria tells you that they would provide power for all, it is NOT true. They can neither mobilise the funds nor is it technically viable to have a SINGLE grid system with a single System and Market Operator as found with the Transmission Company of Nigeria and other annoying agencies (NBET, NERC, NESI) in Abuja. These agencies are actually obstructing power development in Nigeria!

So those that depend on the federal government to provide power could go on wishing for “the coconut to fall”. In the US, there are 4 regional grids. There are 8 in China. Australia has on a state by state basis with the largest in Victoria State. Finland since abandoned even the regional grid system! The Government of Nigeria unified regions into a SINGLE UNRELIABLE GRID of Rubbish! Distributed Generation is the philosophy of provision of power. The city of Houston generates about 3600mW; the state of Texas generates 71,000mW…all through Distributed Generation on Municipal basis.

I’ve been to numerous power plants worldwide. They’re mostly distributed generation! They start from the bottom and build up. Nigeria decided to kill all the municipal governments, killed regional governments, assumed the responsibility of the constituents, and with that, prevent development! Top-Bottom approach against natural principles! It’s constitutional! Oh, they tell you power is in the Concurrent List so that the states and others could build, right?? But created the Power Reform Act of 2005 and created the NERC that effectively removes the power to self-generate and distribute and deposited in the firm grasp of the centre.

Be not deceived; there shall be no light! It’s not being fatalistic but being factual!

For there to be reliable electricity, we must have our municipal governments! There must be recognizable governments in every town and city! You see how the 1999 Constitution denies you the right to have electric power? Now tell me, whom among the clowns contesting in 2019 has told you this? Trust me, they know the truth, but they hope you don’t ever see it!

Without the municipal government midwifing public utilities, there shall be no light! It’s common sense, Sir!

Until we #restructureOrBurst, there shall be no light! Elections under this Constitution wouldn’t provide you public power…I’m so sorry to tell you this but you need to know the truth; it shall set you free still


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