APC blames Wike for attacks on police, customs checkpoints

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has condemned the senseless killing of soldiers and policemen who were on duty in Rivers State by armed gunmen.

The party also called on the Wike administration to redouble efforts aimed at ensuring that Rivers people are kept safe.

The party said through its Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke that the Rivers people are shocked that such an operation by evil minded persons could be carried out in their midst.

“Those who carried out these attacks are evil; they are cowards; and we must make sure that these evil minded cowards are not allowed to threaten our peace.

“Our hearts go out to the families of these gallant soldiers and policemen who paid the supreme price that we may live.

“We sympathise with those they left behind and urge the authorities in Port Harcourt to ensure that the lives of these officers who died on the line of duty do not go in vain.

“No struggle, no matter how valuable, is worth the blood of others. We therefore urge all Nigerians to unite against the actions of all known separatists across the country who are determined to tear us apart, not by the force of reason, but by acts of terrorism.

“Insurgency has no creed, no tribe, no political alliance and no religion. It is evil which must be crushed by right thinking members of society.

“We admit that there may be a strong need for the restructuring of the Nigerian nation, but restructuring must take place among reasonable men seated round the dialogue table. We have no reason to turn our country into a battlefield in order to achieve restructuring. That will not be right!”

The APC called on the PDP led Government in Rivers State to get its acts together, saying that the Rivers people are looking up to it for their protection and security.

“What is happening shows that the Wike administration was absolutely wrong in demolishing a flourishing security apparatus that was put in place by its predecessor.

“The consequence of such an irrational act is responsible for some of the security threats that the State is currently facing.

“We hope that the State government would go beyond mere rhetoric. And hope that it would ensure that acts of criminality, including cultism which is beginning to rare its ugly head, are summarily dealt with.”