Physically challenged Pharmacist recounts her rejection from Madonna University

Florence Uwaeme

A pharmacist recognized as Ms Blessing Mary Ocheido has recounted her ordeal in the hands of Madonna University while she was still a Jambite.

According to her story on Facebook, she said she was rejected solely because of her disability not because of poor performance in her grades.

Ocheido recounted how her mother almost cried her eyes out because of the rejection.

“In 2008, I applied to study pharmacy at Madonna University and I was turned down owing to my disability despite my stellar performance at the interview.

‘They told my mum (whom I went with) that being mobility challenged, I will not be able to participate in their compulsory Saturday morning exercises so there was no place for me at the institution.

“I remember when we left and how my mum cried her eyes out and told me not to worry. That I was too good for them.

“Anyway, I eventually got my pharmacy degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

“Even then, there were people who did not want me to graduate as they simply didn’t see why I, as a person with a disability, will dare to aspire to a prestigious course like pharmacy. Why not Home Economics or simply sit at home and be at the mercy of my family members’ kindness?

“Why did I even dream of financial independence as a girl on a wheelchair?

“Omo, I don suffer for this Naija sha.

“But seriously though, why are most Nigerian institutions so discriminatory against persons with disabilities?” She wrote.