CHOWFAIR 2021: The Mamaput Edition

ChowFair 2021 is arguably one of the biggest food festivals happening in Port-Harcourt this Easter period; it’s scheduled to hold from 3rd to 4th of April 2021 at Azny Place by noon each day.

TPCN was at the event, and from the food vendors to the entertainers and the clothes, games, and drinks displayed, ChowFair left everyone in awe.

Although the event started on a wet note, with the sky giving way to torrential rain, it quickly regained momentum after. It was soon packed with guests excitedly trying out different foods and drinks, playing fun games, winning awards, and buying clothes and shoes.

ChowFair was a very successful event on the first day , and it promises even more fun and games on the second. Don’t miss it!