US-based Nigerian doctor shoots wife dead, commits suicide

A United States-based Nigerian Doctor, Ben Okigbo has shot his wife dead over a yet-to-be-known domestic dispute.

The, according to reports, happened at his Greatwood, Texas home on Friday.

Okigbo reportedly shot his wife, Theresa who was a licensed nurse before killing himself.

He also tried to strangle his 2-year-old son after killing his wife, Sugar Land police in Texas, said.

“On Friday morning, a daughter, who doesn’t live at home, went there after she became concerned. She wasn’t injured.

“Someone in the house called 9-1-1 Friday morning around 10 a.m. from home in the 1500 block of Brookstone Lane. When officers arrived, they found the couple’s bodies inside. They were both in their 50s.

“A neighbour said they were originally from Nigeria but had lived in the Greatwood home for about 20 years. She said she spoke to the wife a few days ago and nothing seemed out of the ordinary,” the police said.

Another message by friends on WhatsApp reads “At sunrise, this cold Saturday, Dr Ben Okigbo, a medical doctor in Houston, pulled up a handgun and fatally shot his wife. His wife was a nurse too. A few seconds later, he turned the gun on himself.

“These hours, their three children are dealing with the tragedy of losing their parents at home. We will never know why Dr Okigbo, decided to kill his wife and commit suicide after that.

“It’s my understanding that Dr Okigbo was originally from Idumuje Unor while his wife was from Akwukwu Igbo, both towns are in Delta State of Nigeria.”