War Looms In Kalabari Kingdom Over Succession Of Amanyanabo

… Royal House Elects Contestant

By Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

Indications are rife that a kingship succession battle is imminent in the Kalabari Kingdom following the rumours surrounding the health of the incumbent Amanyanabo, King Theophilus Jacob Tom Princewil.

TPCN gathered that one of the three units of the Royal Household of Buguma that usually produces the Amanyanabo – the Elebabene Unit – has already elected its own candidate that will contest for the throne of the Amanyanabo of Kalabari Kingdom in the person of Chief Papaye Christopher J.T. Princewill, who is said to be related to the current chairman of Asari Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State.

But TPCN could not confirm if the Asalga boss is behind the emergence of Chief Papaye as the Amanyanaboship candidate of Elebabene Royal House.

However, it was learnt that the election of a candidate by the Elebabene house is not going down well with the other Royal Houses which believe that the Elebabene house was too fast in electing a candidate for the contest of the Amanyanaboship throne when the incumbent, King TJT Princewill has not been officially announced dead.

TPCN investigation revealed that before the processes for election of a new Amanyanabo begins, the late incumbent must have died and be buried.