Mosquitoes take over Rivers LGA as killings stop sanitation exercise

By Brave Dickson

Mosquitoes have taken over Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State as the sanitation personnel of the LGA decided not to work because of incessant killings.

The Sanitation Chairman of Khana LGA, Comrade Bright Deeyor who confirmed this to our correspondent said mosquito infestation on the LGA was occasioned by the dirty state of the area.

He said: “Our work to thoroughly clean the Khana local government environment was in progress but because of the killings going on, we decided to stop working.

“Before now, my council chairman made available, some brand new compactors which we were using to evacuate waste.

“While we were carrying out this sanitation exercise; to a very large extent, mosquitoes were reduced in my LGA to the barest minimum as the drains were properly cleaned too.

“Infectious diseases that are associated with dirty environment that would have taken over the LGA at a point got stopped due to the level of sanitation we achieved.

“But when insecurity ravaged my LGA, those engaged by the council authority to sanitize the environment all stopped working because nobody wants to die in vain.

“As I speak to you, the environment has deteriorated with waste littering everywhere.

“The whole local government is messed up because insecurity has stopped us from doing our job.

“We need security so that we can get back to work and help reduce the spread of malaria, typhoid and other diseases caused by dirty environment.

“The time and energy that my local government chairman would have used in focusing on making sure that our environment is cleaned, have been channeled into combating insecurity.”