Youths poison fishes in Abua/Odual river in protest against lockdown

By Brave Dickson

Some angry youths in Egunughan Community in Abua/Odual Local Government Area of Rivers State have deposited fish poisoning substance to kill the river fishes in protest over the existing lockdown.

The youth leader of the community, Comrade Binoye George who confirmed the incident to our correspondent said some dwellers of his community are not happy over the lockdown as they do not believe that COVID-19 is real.

“He said: “As a result of the sit-at-home order by the state government to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our youths went to our river and deposited some fish poisoning chemicals.

“As I speak to you, all the fishes and aquatic lives in our river have died and are now floating on the water.

“When we got the information, we quickly went to the scene and the culprits fled.

“We have sent their names to the police and the police are looking for them.

“As we are talking now, the culprits are not in our community.

“The level of awareness in my area regarding the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is very low.

“Some are not happy that our markets are being closed because they believe that coronavirus does not exist.

“They are also not happy that the lockdown has increased hunger in my area.”